Gene Eugene

Gene Eugene

Singer-songwriter, producer, child actor. "Gene Eugene" Andrusco was born in Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada in 1961, and moved with his family to southern California at a young age. It was there that his acting career began, first playing a young "Darrin Stevens" on the TV show Bewitched. He went on to have parts in various TV shows and movies.

By 1982, Gene Eugene had started his musical career and in 1986 released his first album "In a New World of Time," with the band he fronted, Adam Again. Adam Again went on to record four more albums. During the 80s and 90s Gene owned and operated his own recording studio, the Green Room, where he engineered, mixed and produced hundreds of albums for countless artists including, the Aunt Bettys, The Choir, Daniel Amos, Michael Knott, The Waiting, Crystal Lewis, Jon Gibson, Plankeye, Starflyer 59, Over The Rhine, Dynamic Twins, SFC, Undercover, Cush, and Anointed among others.

In 1987 Gene Eugene along with Ojo Taylor and Barry Hill founded their own record label, Brainstorm Artists International, which was home to the 77's, Michael Knott, Undercover, Prayer Chain, and many other artists. In 1989 he recorded the album "Outdoor Elvis" with The Swirling Eddies where he used the name "Prickly Disco." In 1991, he and the frontmen of three other bands, Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos, Mike Roe of the 77's and Derri Daugherty of the Choir formed the alt-country supergroup The Lost Dogs, which recorded four albums with Gene. In 2000, Gene Euegene died in his sleep at the age of 39. Since his death, many of Gene's friends and colleagues have recorded their own tributes or dedicated albums to him. He is greatly missed by many friends and fans.


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