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1 A Little Grace Riki Michele Big Big Town


2 I Want to Talk About It Now Riki Michele Big Big Town


3 Bride's Song 1984 Riki Michele Big Big Town


4 Bride's Song 1989 (Another Day) Riki Michele Big Big Town


5 Ghost In The Rain Riki Michele Big Big Town


6 Push Riki Michele Push


7 Hey Mama Hey Riki Michele Push

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It’s “Girls Gone Wild” in Frontline Rewind 47 as executive producer, Adel Meisenheimer, interviews Riki Michele, of Adam Again fame. It was fitting to get the girls together on the cusp of Michele’s female-infused new solo album, Push. She and producer, Margaret Becker, primarily wrote the new work, which also features several girlfriends.
Getting together in Michele’s San Diego home provided an opportunity to celebrate the new release and reminisce about her very first solo album, Big Big Town. Songs on this first project were written by Gene Eugene (Adam Again) and Steve Hindalong (The Choir) and produced by Gene Eugene. Of course it has funk-rock influences and Adam Again-infused production.
Songs featured are from Big Big Town, released digitally for the first time since its 1989 release on Broken Records, and a couple favorites from Push.

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