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Glowing In The Dark (Incandescent)


Speechless (Tame The Volcano)


Reckless Boys & Bad, Bad Girls (Tame The Volcano)


Tame The Volcano (Tame The Volcano)


Graduating Class (Escape The Fallen Planet Remastered)


Once More (For The Band) (Tame The Volcano)

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In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 74, host Les Carlsen continues his musical interrogation of Crumbacher members Stephen Crumbacher, Dawn Wisner Johnson and Jimmy Wisner. Stephen talks about the beginning days of Frontline, including the surreal experience of driving around his musical idol, Terry Taylor, looking for potential studios.

In the show, listeners are wowed by acapella intro to “Glowing In The Dark”, off INCANDESCENT, the song that gave the group their signature sound. Acapella intro also kicks off “Speechless” from TAME THE VOLCANO, which Jimmy admitted was a favorite. These intros were from memory -no cheat sheets, folks- in amazing harmony! Stephen provides the inside scoop for his concept album, ESCAPE FROM THE FALLEN PLANET.

It was the ‘80s! Broken down van or bus, causing them to nearly miss their sets, Stephen’s mom making outfits, Jimmy wearing girl’s clothes and hair styles that reflected the times, were the norm for this keyboard-heavy pop group from Southern California. The episode closes with an emotional solo piano version of “Once More (For The Band)” off TAME THE VOLCANO, which was Stephen’s farewell song, a gift to the group, even before the decision to stop performing was final. Listeners may tear up a bit.

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