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tear gallery (Volume 2)


love sick dog (Volume 2)


eden (Volume 2)


blue (Volume 2)


endless time (Intense Live)


temple of soul (Intense Live)


Justified (Intense Live)


All over me (Intense Live)

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In Frontline Rewind Episode 56, Die Happy (Vengeance Rising) members continue their conversation about Die Happy songs, their personal and music journey together and each member's role in this powerhouse band.

Guitarist, Larry Farkas, still has the touch and opens several songs with live guitar licks as the guys reflect on some of their favorites on DIE HAPPY II and their live studio album titled, INTENSE LIVE SERIES VOL 4. Bassist, Roger Dale Martin, joins the conversation via FaceTime and tells the story of how their close bond and song lyrics developed as they walked together through homelessness, marriage, death and bleak tour conditions.

When vocalist Robyn Kyle Basauri joined Die Happy, he took the band in a totally new direction from their Vengeance Rising sound and they couldn’t be happier. Robyn (via FaceTime) shares some of his thoughts about the group’s recordings. Listeners are sure to get chills up and down the spine from his multi-octave vocals.

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