Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos

Officially formed in 1975, Daniel Amos (also known as DA) is one of Christian music’s most eclectic and enduring groups. Still touring and making new music (the band is scheduled to release a new project in 2012), DA, featuring the talents of founding member Terry Taylor, continues to break new ground in alternative music. DA devotees remain steadfastly loyal to the group’s humorous, satirical, insightful, deeply spiritual, often evangelistic and always versatile work that has now persevered through nearly four decades. Always a critical favorite with music writers, DA has been recognized by having not just one but three of its albums listed in CCM magazine’s “Top 100 Christian Albums Of All Time”…1980’s Horrendous Disc, 1981’s Alarma! And 1983’s Doppelganger. As further recognition of their brilliance, Daniel Amos was the first band elected to the CCM Hall of Fame.


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