Straw Theory

Straw Theory

Out of the dryness of the Arizona desert has come The Straw Theory, a new band intent on making listeners thirsty for God. Their debut album launched on KMG Records in 1991. Using pop stylings reminiscent of groups like LaRue and FFH, these three young men present a polished, piano-based sound that hints of even better things to come.

The Straw Theory has developed an original and progressive sound. Call it alternative pop or piano rock, this album is leaps and bounds above the average CCM debut. Tyler Huston is the front-man for the group, and an able songwriter and accomplished pianist and singer. With production from Terry Taylor and Billy Smiley, contributions from members of Common Children, the Prayer Chain, the Choir and vocals from Leigh Nash (Sixpence None the Richer), this is an album and a band with a lot of promise.


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