Frontline Christmas!

Frontline Christmas!

There isn’t one particular style of Christmas-theme music in the Frontline Records catalog. We’ve got Rock, Ska, Blues, Electronic, Alternative and Instrumental. Can’t decide on one? Check out the collections with sampling of various artists and rock your holiday Spirit!

Frontline Presents: Christmas is 15-track collection that features contemporary Christian music trendsetters performing assorted Christmas songs, including Jon Gibson’s “Everybody Sing a Christmas Song”, rockin’ versions of “Silent Night” by Deliverance and Altar Boys, mellow arrangements of traditional carols by Lanny Cordola from his “Blues For The Child” album, and selections from the classic, “The Broken Christmas” album produced by Gene Eugene and Ojo Taylor, among others. This album is sure to rock your holiday spirit!

Frontline & Friends Christmas Sampler is a collection of Christmas tunes from the MeisMusic Group vault featuring selections from Scott Blackwell’s A Myx’d Christmas, Bunch Of Believers’ Skalalalala, Lanny Cordola’s Blues For The Child, Hymmersion and BAI artists’ The Broken Christmas.

A Myx’d Christmas is an electronic Christmas offering by Scott Blackwell, a life-long music professional who has helped shape the course of modern dance music as a club DJ and mix master. His resume includes Madonna, Nile Rogers, Britney, Warner Brothers, CBS, and Clear Channel as well as label head for Myx Records.

Ska-la-la-la-la represents ska at it’s festive best. Arranged by former One Bad Pig frontman Paul Q Pek, these songs feature a steady bass rhythm and punchy horn arrangements. It is especially favored by fans of OC Supertones and the Insyderz.

Blues For The Child is the creative effort of guitarist extraordinaire Lanny Cordola, of House of Lords, Shout, Magdallen fame. It boasts an eclectic lineup of vocalists featuring mostly acoustic jazz renditions of traditional Christmas offerings with a couple of new songs to add to the holidays.

The Broken Christmas is a mix of up and down, light and dark, broken and fixed. From the expressive cover painting by Michael Knott, to the music inside this CD, one would be hard pressed to find a cooler Christmas collection. Produced by Gene Eugene and Ojo Taylor.

Hymmersion is Scott Frankfurt (street called Straight), Warren Ham (Kansas, AD ) and Pam Snider (piano) joining creative forces to present a mastery of arrangements and performances featuring lush instrumental arrangements of time-honored Christmas classics, this reflective offering is a rare treasure not to be missed!