Rewind Episode 79: Street Called Straight original member, Scott Frankfurt, continues with his story chronicling his next three albums and life as a producer

In Frontline Rewind episode 79, Executive Producer Adel Meisenheimer continues her conversation with Scott Frankfurt, of Street Called Straight. Listeners will recognize many names of musical heroes, friends and clients he has worked with since the 1980’s. The show features tracks from “Heartsong”, recorded on Frontline Records by this pop husband-wife artist duo, with guest appearances from some very accomplished musicians. “Pick Up The Pieces” is a duet with Jody Moreing-Frankfurt and Philip Bailey, of Earth Wind and Fire, a group Scott still works with. Listeners hear a humorous story about the time Howard McCrary came to work on their track, “To Save You”, which happened to use a song in the intro that he wrote for Gospel great, Shirley Caesar. Jody, who passed away in 2006, truly looked forward to heaven and many of her songs reflect it, including those on two albums released after Frontline Records: Well In The Wilderness and Saints In The Light. Scott Frankfurt Studio in Los Angeles provides an exquisite recording environment. Scott’s experience, skill and humility has attracted many notable, famous musicians and artists, too numerous to name here. Sergio Mendes was there the day before Scott opened his door and heart to the Rewind crew. The Studio is no longer private and he will work with those who are “doing it for the right reasons”. Listeners will learn more about the reasons that motivated the music of this artist couple.



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Featured Review

I recently finished listening to every single podcast from Frontline Records Rewind. It took me quite a while, since I discovered the podcast long after it first started, and started at the beginning. After listening to every episode, I feel like I have completed a university level class in The History of Alternative Christian Music. This is one amazing collection of podcasts, and when you are finished, you will know more than you ever have about what these artists endured when they were trying to spread the gospel using a sound that was not always welcome in the Christian world at the time. You will cry, laugh, and be amazed at some of the stories they share. You will have a better appreciation for the music itself, and will have much more respect for the talented artists that created it. I discovered, through this podcast, a few bands I never even knew existed, and have added some albums to my collection. Thank you, Frontline, for this podcast. I truly hope you continue.

– Phil

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