Rewind Episode 36: Deliverance¹s Jimmy Brown and George Ochoa stop by for exclusive interviews and live performances in preparation for the vinyl re-release of Weapons of Our Warfare. James Hetfield/Metallica Story. Jupiter 6.

Rewind Episode 36 has a very special treat: an in-studio appearance with Deliverance members Jimmy P. Brown and George Ochoa. Jimmy and George play “23” for the first time in 24 years. George still claims to be “Joe Metal” and Jimmy talks about the time he met James Hetfield of Metallica … before either of them were famous. The session includes humorous stories, live guitar and vocal performance, lots of laughs and reflections on the creation of historically influential album Weapons Of Our Warfare, originally released on Frontline Records in 1990. The show celebrates a vinyl collector’s edition of the album releasing July 15th by Roxx Productions.



New Unreleased Music from Gene Eugene!

Brainstorm Artists Int’l, in partnership with Meis Music Group, is pleased to announce the release of Remembering Gene Eugene, a thoughtful look at the life and music of former member of Adam Again and The Lost Dogs, as told by his friends and peers. Testimonies surround solo recordings of three cover songs, the last ones Gene made.


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