Rewind 63: Idle Cure original members Mark Ambrose and Steve Shannon give us an inside look into the stories behind the songs off their debut album and follow up album, Tough Love.

In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 63, Steve Shannon and Mark Ambrose, of Idle Cure, captivate host Les Carlsen and listeners with stories of band history, song inspiration and an angel appearance in Paris. Songs introduced are from their albums, Idle Cure (1986) and Tough Love (1988). Mark talks about how they hit a wall and almost gave up on the writing of their trademark song, “Breakaway”. Not only was the song a chart-topping hit, it enticed Mark to stay with Idle Cure, in spite of earning his recent accounting degree from USC. Steve tells the story of how radio and distribution execs didn’t believe he sang vocals on “Take It”, because it was so mellow and different from others. Well, Steve did back then, and he sings an intro for the song on Rewind! Listeners also learn how the name “Idle Cure” was selected from a name search contest conducted by Frontline Records. The band has a rare treat –a limited supply of vinyl albums (still sealed) of their original debut self-titled album. Check out Idle Cure FaceBook page for purchase details.



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Featured Review

Hey. Just discovered your podcast, and have been listening through them whenever I can. It has been so cool to hear some of this music again, rediscover some bands I forgot about, and hear some stories about some artists I had never heard before. I already plan to re-buy Weapons Of Our Warfare. Holy Smokes, what an incredible album! A very heartfelt thank you to all of you at Frontline records. I am 44 years old, and I still crank up all of your old albums that I have managed to re-buy on CD, or re-buy digitally. Thank you so much for all you did back in the day, and everything you are doing now with these podcasts. Awesome awesome awesome!!! Keep it up.

– Phil

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