Rewind Episode 8: Gene Eugene Andrusco, Riki Michele, Adam Again, Ojo Taylor, Undercover, Jim Chevalier, Level Heads, David Guzman, J.C. and The Boyz, M.C. Scroller, Glenn Holland, 441, Harold Bloemendahl, The Reign

Frontline Records Rewind Episode 8 is now available! It features all of the music on “The Broken Christmas” album, with commentary on all tracks by Ojo Taylor. Click on the audio player below to hear it now!


Rewind Episode 29: Frontline Christmas Compilation: Altar Boys, Jon Gibson, Liason, Street Called Straight, Blues for the Child, Adam Again, Carson Cole, Dead Artist Syndrome, Deliverance, Ojo Taylor.

Rewind Episode 29 includes music from “Frontline Presents… Christmas”. This newly released 15-track collection features contemporary Christian music trendsetters performing assorted Christmas songs, including Jon Gibson’s “Everybody Sing a Christmas Song”, rockin’ versions of “Silent Night” by Deliverance and Altar Boys, mellow arrangements of traditional carols by Lanny Cordola from his “Blues For The Child” album, and selections from the classic, “The Broken Christmas” album produced by Gene Eugene and Ojo Taylor, among others. This show is sure to rock your holiday spirit!


Fine Selection of Christmas Music

Don't forget to pickup some Christmas music to get you in the mood for the holiday. We have classics from some of your favorite Frontline artists guaranteed to rock your holiday spirit!


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