Rewind Episode 33: Bloodgood Part 1 - Les Carlsen Calls Band Members

Rewind Episode 33 introduces Les Carlsen, lead singer of Bloodgood, as the new host of Frontline Records Rewind. When you have a founding member of an award winning Christian metal band hosting, it makes sense to feature the music of that artist. Les calls Bloodgood members on the phone as they are in their “natural habitat” and extracts humorous stories from their memory banks. This Episode includes chats with Paul Jackson, Kevin Whistler and David Zaffiro.



New Unreleased Music from Gene Eugene!

Brainstorm Artists Int’l, in partnership with Meis Music Group, is pleased to announce the release of Remembering Gene Eugene, a thoughtful look at the life and music of former member of Adam Again and The Lost Dogs, as told by his friends and peers. Testimonies surround solo recordings of three cover songs, the last ones Gene made.


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