Rewind 60: Bloodgood frontman, Les Carlsen, interviews his boss and bass player, Michael Bloodgood before they rock the stage at SoCal Metal Fest. Watch live videos of their set on our Youtube channel!

In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 60, host Les Carlsen got together with his long-time friend, “boss” and bass player, Michael Bloodgood, the day Bloodgood rocked the stage at SoCal Metal Fest in Irvine, California. Michael shares optimistically about plans for the future, tells an incredible road story, and talks about his bass, of course. They love Jesus and wear Spandex, so look out! The guys recall band beginnings, including how they got signed with Frontline Records, and some adventures together. Songs introduced on the show are from “Bloodgood”, “Detonation”, Rock In A Hard Place” and “Dangerously Close”, the band’s most recent independent release. The episode closes with “Eat The Flesh”, performed live at the SoCal Metal Fest.



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