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There isn’t one particular style of Christmas-theme music in the Frontline Records catalog. We’ve got Rock, Ska, Blues, Electronic, Alternative and Instrumental. Can’t decide on one? Check out the collections with sampling of various artists and rock your holiday Spirit!

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Rewind Episode 75: Les Carlsen's Christmas Special Extravaganza. Les Carlsen of Bloodgood calls his friends and requests their favorite Christmas songs for the Frontline Rewind Show.

In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 75, host Les Carlsen will get everyone in a jolly holiday spirit with his Christmas Special Extravaganza! Calls are made to Bloodgood members and friends who chat and choose one of their favorite songs, and Les kicks off the show with a song he wrote for the occasion. Listeners will be surprised by Michael Bloodgood's selection. Guitarist, Paul Jackson, and wife, share a duet of "Baby It's Cold Outside" from their indie release. Conversation with Oz Fox covers a variety of topics, including a popcorn maker, new Stryper album in the works, Hookers For Jesus and the miracle of love and humility of the Christmas story, which leads into "Feliz Navidad", recorded by Oz himself. Long-time friend, Don Cromwell, chose "Little Drummer Boy", so Les chose a Frontline recording by Scott Blackwell, featuring Sandra Stephens, from "A Myx'd Christmas". Les calls Executive Producer, Adel Meisenheimer, who has a favorite collection called "Frontline Presents: Christmas", of course. Many of the artists included have been guests on the Rewind show. Though they are all her favorites, "What A Wonderful Night" by Street Called Straight, closes the hour. The conversations and eclectic song selection are sure to make you smile. Merry Christmas from the Frontline Rewind crew!



Rewind Episode 54: Six Frontline artists share a Christmas time memory and introduce their Seasonal music. This program celebrates the unique Christmas songs recorded by Frontline Records.

In Frontline Rewind Episode 54 Executive Producer, Adel Meisenheimer, calls six artists and asks them to share a Christmas time memory and introduce their Seasonal music. This program celebrates the unique Christmas songs recorded by Frontline Records. Listeners hear personal stories from Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance), Paul Q-Pek (Bunch Of Believers), Les Carlsen (Bloodgood), Mike Stand (Altar Boys, Altar Billies), Lanny Cordola and Jon Gibson. Featured tracks are included in these compilations: FRONTLINE PRESENTS: CHRISTMAS and FRONTLINE & FRIENDS CHRISTMAS SAMPLER. These, and all Frontline Records releases, are available on iTunes, Amazon and where ever digital music is found.



Featured Review

I recently finished listening to every single podcast from Frontline Records Rewind. It took me quite a while, since I discovered the podcast long after it first started, and started at the beginning. After listening to every episode, I feel like I have completed a university level class in The History of Alternative Christian Music. This is one amazing collection of podcasts, and when you are finished, you will know more than you ever have about what these artists endured when they were trying to spread the gospel using a sound that was not always welcome in the Christian world at the time. You will cry, laugh, and be amazed at some of the stories they share. You will have a better appreciation for the music itself, and will have much more respect for the talented artists that created it. I discovered, through this podcast, a few bands I never even knew existed, and have added some albums to my collection. Thank you, Frontline, for this podcast. I truly hope you continue.

– Phil

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