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Track Listing


Mike Knott - Kitty


Freedom of Soul - This is Love


Deliverance - 23


Jon Gibson - Friend In You


Bloodgood - The Messiah


Altar Boys - I Just Can’t Let Go (previously unreleased) Girder Records


Recon - Take Us Away


EDL - Relocate


12th Tribe - Cracking


SFC - In The House


Lanny Cordola - Mursal

Show Track Listing

In Frontline Rewind episode 80, the crew wraps up 6 years of radio/podcast entertainment and closes a chapter on a program featuring music and memories from a variety of recording artists. Rewind Recap Finale hi-lights 12 guests on the show performing live renditions of songs they recorded in the ‘80s and ‘90s Christian music scene. It is difficult to choose material from 79 episodes and over 40 artists in a 1-hour recap episode, but here is the line-up: Michael Knott, Freedom of Soul, Deliverance, Jon Gibson, Bloodgood, Altar Boys, Recon, EDL, 12th Tribe, SFC, Preachas In Disguise and Lanny Cordola.

Original host, Brian Healy (founder of Dead Artist Syndrome), proposed the show to Adel Meisenheimer (whose company owns and manages Frontline Records catalog and others) and deemed her “Executive Producer”. His radio voice and DJ experience created a fun, some-what professional, experience as he presented playlists introducing or reminding listeners about music of artists in mixed genres. Due to health issues, Healy could not continue. But in Episode 32, Les Carlsen (lead singer of Bloodgood) was a guest host and then agreed to full-time, launching his “reality TV” style, getting together with artists in an interview/music format.

Friendships were made and bonds created between Rewind crew and artists. Listeners were treated to stories from musical and spiritual journeys, live performances, commentary for musical works and updates on current activity from the Frontline family. It is bittersweet to announce the Finale of Frontline Records Rewind and our hope is that many benefited. Episodes can be enjoyed for generations on FrontlineRecords, YouTube and iTunes. Thanks for your support!

Scotty… call the limo. We’re outta here!

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