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Adieu. (Live rehearsal performance)


Let it ride. (Moment of Clarity)


Whitey on the moon (Disgruntled)


Bystander (Disgruntled)


Residence (American Standard)

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In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 76, host Les Carlsen walked into a SoCal studio to sounds of rapcore by the pioneering group, Every Day Life (EDL), and talked with them about their unique combination of rap and metal, formulated in 1992. The show opens with a live 2016 rehearsal performance that will convince listeners EDL still has their chops!

Tedd Cookerly, Carl Weaver, Eric Wilkins and Jim Rupe explain the thrill and fright of creating something new and the challenges of recording their improvisational, impromptu style. Lanny Cordola, producer of first Frontline album, “Disgruntled”, made it “shinier” than the group envisioned. Mike Knott produced, and Gene Eugene engineered, second release, “American Standard”, named for the toilet manufacturer, which continued their raw social criticism. Cookerly admits some lyrics included swear words, which didn’t seem to bother the record label, but many Christian bookstores were ruffled by lyric and controversial content, pulling CDs from the shelves. Ironically, EDL’s song, “Salt Circles,” was nominated for a “Hard Music” Dove Award in 1999.

This conversation and reunion performance is rare and exclusive, something you don’t hear every day.

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