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Frontline Rewind host Les Carlsen exclaims, “These are the best tour stories I’ve heard”, as he continues an interview with original Shout members, Chuck King (in person) and “virtual” Ken Tamplin (in Hawaii). Listeners are entertained with topics like: stolen clothes from a dressing room, speeding tickets in every state, train stop in the middle of Germany demanding money or else, and a 26-foot long sandwich Ken gave to KLOS radio to get music played.

Ken’s eating habits were the cause of many awkward situations. Chuck states that Ken needed to eat every 15 minutes –“like a duck.” Ken’s need to stop landed the long-haired rockers in Grandma’s Southern Cooking (Grandma is not the image one would expect) and trapped them in the middle of a tornado while stopping at a “choke and puke” diner in Pennsylvania.

The guys laughingly credit Frontline Records as the reason for the stories. If a tour budget had been provided, they wouldn’t have been speeding from state to state in a broken down van, struggling to pay transportation and food costs. Rockin’ tracks from It Won’t Be Long and In Your Face are weaved in between stories. Pure entertainment!

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