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In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 68, executive producer, Adel Meisenheimer, hosts the show, interviewing Sandra Stephens and Allegra Parks. It’s a full hour of Girl Power! These ladies sang background vocals for Jon Gibson, Scott Blackwell, Lanny Cordola and other Frontline artists. Though it has been about 25 years since they wrote, recorded and toured hit songs, Sandra and Allegra still recall them and treat listeners with acappella intros.

Sandra shares how a Jon Gibson song changed her life and moved her to make a commitment to Christ. Soon after, she and Allegra had an opportunity to exchange vocal technique lessons from Jon for their background vocal work on a track. Nice barter! Then he recruited them for vocals on almost every track of “Forever Friends”. Listeners will want to tune in closely to hear their amazing vocal contribution. The ladies are forever friends and fans of Jon Gibson and expound on his exceptional singing, intense recording techniques and endearing personality.

After writing with Jon, the ladies met with Scott Blackwell, who presented a cassette tape with his house dance music and commissioned them to write lyrics for it. Sandra relates how lyrics poured out and Scott never said “no” to her lyrical ideas, exercising a “no rules” process. The episode includes a couple tracks from “Walk On The Wild Side”, the first album on which they collaborated. Sandra and Allegra toured with Scott and Jon simultaneously, hitting about every state in the USA. Boy do they have some stories!

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