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It’s No Fun Anymore




Talk It Out


If You Mean It


We’ve Lost Ground


Holy Mountain


Mind Games

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In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 64, host Les Carlsen continues his conversation with Idle Cure members, Steve Shannon and Mark Ambrose. Part 2 includes back-story for songs included on the band’s 3rd and 4th Frontline albums, 2nd Avenue and Inside Out.

2nd Avenue is Steve’s favorite album. It has an aggressive rock feel and guitar experimentation, including putting a Marshall amp in the bathroom, with microphone in the toilet, for a unique sound in “If You Mean It”. Steve’s vocals were taken to a new level, as Mark wrote songs that intentionally challenged him. Mark continued to write in-your-face lyrics on the album. In 1989 the song, “Pray”, was the #1 CCM charting rock song in the USA –the entire year, and nominated for a Dove Award.

Inside Out is a conceptual album that examines delicate spiritual topics like pornography, abortion and hypocrisy. It also includes worshipful, “Holy Mountain”, a brilliant re-write by Mark that almost didn’t make the album. The song describes the worship experience, influenced by the Old Testament story of Moses meeting with God on Mount Sinai.

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