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In Frontline Records Rewind Episode 62, conversation continues with12th Tribe founder, David Portillo, and current members. Host Les Carlsen asks them to share their story and introduce favorite songs from the new indie album, “tha G Hits”.

Listeners will be in awe as Eric (DJXRAY) humbly reveals his entertainment industry repertoire as DJ for Ellen Degeneres, undefeated DJ in battles representing the USA and performing with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube. He finds more satisfaction with 12th Tribe.

Young tribesman, Simon, tells of his journey of acceptance and how he now fits the group and a new life of service. Carlo (The Realist) escaped death after a gang-related stabbing and credits prayers of his Grandmother and the promise that all things are possible with Christ –even redemption of a poor street kid.

Stories and songs from “tha G Hits” provide a constant message that 12th Tribe members are forever changed! As the crew would say, “Check it out!”

During the interview session, 12th Tribe performed “G Hits Mash Mix”.

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