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Silent Night Deliverance What A Joke


Room In Your Heart Bunch Of Believers Ska La La La La


Child On Earth Bloodgood Dangerously Close


Silent Night Altar Boys Forever Mercy


Joy To The World Altar Billies Joy To The World single


Christmas Lullaby Lanny Cordola Blues For The Child


Everybody Sing A Christmas Song Jon Gibson The Hits

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In Frontline Rewind Episode 54 Executive Producer, Adel Meisenheimer, calls six artists and asks them to share a Christmas time memory and introduce their Seasonal music. This program celebrates the unique Christmas songs recorded by Frontline Records. Listeners hear personal stories from Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance), Paul Q-Pek (Bunch Of Believers), Les Carlsen (Bloodgood), Mike Stand (Altar Boys, Altar Billies), Lanny Cordola and Jon Gibson. Featured tracks are included in these compilations: FRONTLINE PRESENTS: CHRISTMAS and FRONTLINE & FRIENDS CHRISTMAS SAMPLER. These, and all Frontline Records releases, are available on iTunes, Amazon and where ever digital music is found.

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