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Dead Walking Cupie Doll Chaos Is The Poetry Chaos Is The Poetry


Why Buildings Fall Down Chaos Is The Poetry Chaos Is The Poetry


The Longest Day in Mrs. Evers' Life Chaos Is The Poetry Chaos Is The Poetry


Missionary Lanny Cordola Symbiotica


Space For Rent Lanny Cordola Symbiotica


Street Of No Hope Magdalen The Dirt


Mrs. O'Neal Lanny Cordola, Gary Griffin Live performance


Mrs. O'Neal Lanny Cordola Salvation Medicine Show


Confessions Lanny Cordola Salvation Medicine Show


‘Til We Get The Healing Done Lanny Cordola Shades Of Blue

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In Frontline Rewind Episode 53 host Les Carlsen continues his in-depth conversation with accomplished guitarist and singer/songwriter, Lanny Cordola and Gary Thomas Griffin (of The Beach Boys fame) at Gary’s infamous recording studio in Los Angeles. This is a place where Lanny is right at home, as most of his Frontline Records albums were recorded there, like those covered in the show: Chaos Is The Poetry, Symbiotica, The Dirt (Magdalen), Salvation Medicine Show and Shades of Blue.

Lanny indulges the listener with stories and influences that inspired songs. He reveals which one is about his Grandmother, how characters he meets spark songs like DzStreet Of No Hopedz, and how a rap contribution by Solo of Gospel Gangstaz transpired on DzThe Longest Day in Mrs. Evers’ Lifedz. Gary shares about how Frontline Records provided the two creators a small budget and lots of creative freedom to produce unique projects.

For those in Southern California, Lanny is preparing a real music feast he calls Peace Jam. Many of his musical friends, including John Stamos (Jesse and the Rippers from Full House), will be jamming in support of funds being raised to assist kids living in war zones and poverty stricken areas. For more info and to donate funds, check out Lanny & the MLK’s GoFundMe site:

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