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ONE TIME S.F.C. Illumination


RESPECT S.F.C. Illumination


HOW I COPE S.F.C. Illumination


C-MODE FIZZUNK S.F.C. Illumination


THE VIBE S.F.C. Illumination


ILLUMINATION S.F.C. Illumination

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In Rewind Episode 40 S.F.C’s Soup The Chemist and QP continue their exclusive interview with host Les Carlsen. In Part 2 they talk about songs on their album Illumination (1994 Brainstorm Artists Int’l), released digitally for the first time.

Les, a pioneering metal head, gets schooled by Soup on some Hip Hop terminology like “One Time” (giving it to you one time), “Respect” (for rhyme and beats on the streets) and C-mode Fizzunk (Christ-centered Funk). Soup talks about the writing of his book, “Through My Windows”, the history behind Holy Hip Hop.

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