Deliverance first appeared on the metal compilation project called California Metal. In its early days, the speed metal band was often compared to mainstream counterpart Metallica, although the group experimented with several different metal styles over the years. Signed to Frontline Records in 1989, the band released its self titled debut and garnered instant attention in Christian metal circles. But it was the sophomore release Weapons Of Our Warfare that most fans associate with Deliverance. Frontman Jimmy Brown’s melodic vocals distinguished Deliverance from the often difficult to discern growl of many metal bands. The title track to Weapons was also embraced by mainstream outlets like MTV which featured the video regularly on Headbanger’s Ball. Most Christian metal media outlets such as Heaven’s Metal and Christian Metal Realm feature several Deliverance projects on its all time list of metal releases. Deliverance has also had tremendous success with metal radio delivering over a dozen chart topping metal tunes including “Weapons of Our Warfare”, “23” and “Slay The Wicked”.


Jimmy P. Brown II
Mike Phillips
Manny Morales
Jayson Sherlock


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