Recon was a Christian power/speed metal band that formed in California when George Ochoa (lead guitar), Dion Sanchez (bass) (both ex-Prophet), John Christianson (drums), and Vett Roberts (ex-Seventh Thunder vocalist) joined forces with fellow Sanctuary Church members Eddie Starline (rhythm guitar) and Ronson Webster (keyboards, vocals) in 1987. After playing the clubs in Hollywood, recording a demo and 2 songs for the 'California Metal 2' compilation album, the band began to have internal problems. George Ochoa joined Deliverance, but didn't give up hope for the songs written for Recon. After getting in touch with a record company CEO, George brought in the band, with new bassist, Mike Grato, and together they recorded 'Behind Enemy Lines'. Even though the album did fairly well, and the band gained a lot of fans, there were no tours or even a line-up to drive the band forth. Thus, Recon remained inactive, as George continued to tour with Deliverance.


John Christianson
Mike Grato
George Ochoa
Vett Roberts
Eddie Starline


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